Aviation services

  • Aviastar Helsinki (skydiving flights, work flights)
  • Goodflight Aviation Ltd (sightseeing flights, bachelor/bachelorette party flights)
  • Heliwest Ltd (branch cutting flights along power lines, lifting, construction and installation flights, inspection flights of power lines, district heat pipeline infrared photography flights)
  • Hendell Aviation Ltd (business flights, ambulance flights, cargo flights)
  • HF Helicopters Ltd (work flights, public service flights, survey flights)
  • Paradox Aviation Ltd (charter flights, cargo flights, aerial photography)
  • Lentopeikot Ltd (aerial photography, sightseeing flights, bachelor/bachelorette party flights)
  • Nordic Avia Ltd (sightseeing flights, bachelor/bachelorette party flights)
  • Nordicflite Ltd (adventure flights, sightseeing flights, bachelor/bachelorette party flights)
  • Salpauslento Ltd (business flights)
  • SkyXperience (tandem skydiving services)
  • Suomen Ilmakuva Ltd (aerial photography)

Air rescue operations

Professional pilot training

Private pilot training

Aircraft maintenance and repairs

Other companies