The Friends of Malmi Airport Society is a non-profit organization. All funds from membership fees will be used entirely on the Society’s work to save Malmi Airport.

As a member of the Friends of Malmi Airport Society you will receive invitations to the meetings of the Society and a newsletter once or twice a year in order to keep you informed about the status of the Airport.

Note: If you are already a member, your annual membership invoice will automatically be sent to you. Please use the reference number of the invoice when making your payment!

For private citizens, the annual membership fee is 20€. The Friends of Malmi Airport Society also accepts associations and companies as members. For associations with less than 50 members, the annual fee is 50€, for associations with less than 1000 members it is 100€, and for associations with more than 1000 members 150€. The membership fee for companies is 200€.

The simplest way to join the Friends of Malmi Airport Society as a new member is to pay the membership fee. The Society’s international bank account number (IBAN) is FI03 8003 8710 0587 21 and the BIC code is DABAFIHH (Danske Bank, Finland). Please remember to specify “NEW MEMBER” in the message field of your payment, and add your contact information after that:

First name, surname
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e-mail address is required if you live outside of Finland
phone number (optional).

If you wish to join as an association or company member, please specify also the name of the association/company and the name of the contact person.

Alternatively, you can join the Friends of Malmi Airport Society as a new member by sending a notice of new membership using the form below. There is no separate fee for joining up. If you live in Finland, once your new membership notice has been processed, you will receive the bank account number and payment reference for your membership fee. If you live outside of Finland, you will receive payment information for an international bank transfer to the Society’s bank account.

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You can also send your new membership notice by e-mail to info(at) or mail it to

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