Helsinki-Malmi Airport is Helsinki’s international general aviation airport and the most important hub of the general aviation network in Finland. It serves pilot training, professional, business and recreational aviation, and offers an extensive range of aviation services from aircraft and helicopter maintenance and repairs to aircraft rental. 

The Airport is open for everyone to visit, and in ordinary circumstances the busy aviation activities can be followed at close range. Since spring 2021, though, the runway has been closed due to the eviction measures taken by the City.

In March 2016, Helsinki-Malmi Airport was selected as one of the 7 Most Endangered Cultural Heritage Sites in Europe, so it’s well worth getting to know. In its recent report (2021), the international ICOMOS organization presented Malmi Airport side by side with e.g. Notre Dame of Paris as one of the world’s most endangered cultural heritage sites.

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Many kinds of activities and events are organized at the Airport. Ordinarily, several pilot schools and flying clubs operate at Helsinki-Malmi, and it is among other things the home of Finland’s only aviation scout troop Malmin Tuulenkävijät. The Airport is an excellent place to get to know the wonder of aviation! Sightseeing flights and (tandem) parachute jumps can be purchased at the Airport, and it has a cozy restaurant. In addition there’s a 5,8 km walkway around the Airport, offering a chance to get acquainted with the unique nature around the place while following the aviation activities.

The future of Helsinki-Malmi Airport is threatened by the City of Helsinki’s intention to turn it into a residential area. No binding decisions or irreversible actions have been taken yet, so it’s worthwhile to contact your City Councillor and tell why the Airport is important as it is. Come get acquainted with Helsinki-Malmi Airport and help keep it in aviation use!