10 December 2015: Helsinki-Malmi Airport selected as one of Europe’s 14 most endangered cultural heritage sites

Dec 10, 2015
Malmi Airport as a whole is one of Europe’s fourteen most endangered cultural heritage sites. Photo: Tuomas Kuosmanen

Europa Nostra, the leading European heritage organisation, and the European Investment Bank Institute announce today the 14 monuments and sites shortlisted for Europa Nostra’s ‘The 7 Most Endangered’ programme 2016 by an international panel of experts in various fields. Helsinki-Malmi Airport is the first Finnish site selected on the shortlist.

Some of these sites are in danger due to neglect, redevelopment pressure or inadequate planning/development, others due to lack of resources or expertise. City of Helsinki plans to end Helsinki-Malmi’s aviation activities, close down the airport and use the land for residential building. Europa Nostra’s final list of 7 sites will be unveiled at a public event in Venice on 16 March 2016.

Helsinki-Malmi Airport was selected because of its outstanding heritage and cultural values as well as the grave danger that it is facing. The commitment of various public and private stakeholders and the engagement of the local communities to rescuing those sites were also considered essential. Another important criterion was Malmi’s potential to serve as a resource and a driver of sustainable development for the wider region.

“This recognition must wake up the decision-makers of Finland and Helsinki to assess the consequences of the present plans, and to consider the matter from other points of view than just residential building”, says Timo Hyvönen, chairman of the Friends of Malmi Airport. “Malmi is a unique functioning whole in Europe and in the world.”

The final list of 7 sites will be selected by the Board of Europa Nostra. “Experts from the EIB Institute will visit and analyse the selected ‘7 Most Endangered’ sites and will contribute to the formulation of realistic action plans”, says Guy Clausse, Dean of the European Investment Bank Institute.

In its General Plan 2050 proposal, Helsinki City Planning Department suggests zoning Helsinki-Malmi Airport as a residential area. The decision on the final proposal will be made by the City Board and City Council in late 2016. More information about City of Helsinki’s plans as well as instructions for sending statements and remarks by 29 January 2016 can be found at www.yleiskaava.fi/en.


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