3 December 2015: New airport operator presented for Malmi

Dec 4, 2015

helsinki-malmi_10Aviastar Flight Training Ltd has presented its plans to continue as airport operator at Malmi after Finavia withdraws its operations.  The aim is to develop the airport’s operations around business flights, turning it into a self-sufficient general aviation airport called Malmi Helsinki City Airport.

According to Aviastar, continuing the operation of the airport until the area is possibly taken to other use in the mid-2020’s is also in City of Helsinki’s interests in order to avoid leaving the built cultural environment of national significance and its historical buildings to deteriorate.

The undertaking is justified with the annual 3 percent growth in the number of business flights. For instance, 22 percent of the air traffic between Finland and Russia is composed of business flights. At the same time, passenger traffic at Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport is growing as Finnair’s Asian hub develops.

According to calculations, almost 40 percent of the City Airport’s turnover would come from business flights. Business travelers appreciate fast transfers from the aircraft to connecting modes of transport as well as a short distance to the city center. Malmi offers both. Others aviation activities could also continue at the airport. Malmi would be developed taking into account the environment and the people of Helsinki. The airport area would also offer a space for other activities interesting to the public, such as concerts and large outdoors events.

More information:

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