5 December 2014: The Supreme Administrative Court dismissed FoMA’s complaint

Seppo SipiläNews archive

The Supreme Administrative Court of Finland has dismissed FoMA’s complaint against the decision of the Administrative Court of Helsinki. It upheld the Administrative Court’s ruling that FoMA was not eligible to file a complaint against Helsinki City Board’s decision to uphold the building ban at Malmi Airport, because the City Board’s decision did not concern FoMA, which owns no property on the Airport.

The building ban at Malmi Airport, imposed by City of Helsinki on the grounds of the City’s general planning work, has been in effect for 13 consecutive years, blocking long-term investments and development of the Airport’s activities. The ruling of Helsinki Administrative Court, upheld by the Supreme Administrative Court, allows the building ban to continue at least  until 2018, when it will have been in effect for 17 consecutive years.