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The citizen’s initiative 2106 or “Lex Malmi” on preserving Helsinki-Malmi airport in aviation use by means of legislation was opened in August 2016 and collected more than 56,000 signatures in record time. It was submitted to the Parliament on February 8, 2017. All Finnish citizens with the right to vote could participate in the initiative.

The Parliament’s Constitutional Law Committee saw no constitutional obstacle to the legislation proposed in the citizens’ initiative. The Transport and Communications Committee, however, proposed rejecting the initiative.

In its plenary sessions on March 20-21, 2018, the parliament decided after a long discussion (in Finnish) to reject the citizens’ initiative without a vote.

Parliament issued a strong statement on the matter, though, requiring the Government to take measures to secure compensatory airport services so that the aviation activities of Malmi Airport can continue with good accessibility and within reasonable distance.