Complaint made to Parliamentary Ombudsman about Finavia’s and Ministry of Transport’s actions in the matter of Malmi

Oct 18, 2016

Press release 18 October 2016
Friends of Malmi Airport

A complaint was filed today with the Parliamentary Ombudsman about Finavia’s and Ministry of Transport’s actions in the matter of Malmi Airport. The Ombudsman was asked to look into the possible breach of the conditions set in the Cabinet’s decision in its framework negotiations in 2014. A single Ministry or a state-owned company fulfilling a public administration function cannot change the Cabinet’s decision.

The Finnish Cabinet decided in its framework negotiations in 2014, that “in order to improve the preconditions of housing construction in Helsinki region, the State withdraws its operations from Helsinki-Malmi Airport so that the area can be taken to residential construction use no later than the beginning of the 2020’s. A prerequisite of this change is that the Border Guard and civil aviation are moved to a substitutive airfield.” No substitutive place nor any transfers of aviation activities have been realized. Mrs. Merja Kyllönen, Minister of Transport and Communications at that time, has confirmed that a solution to the question of civil aviation was required in the 2014 framework negotiations.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications has announced on 17 October 2016 that it hasn’t asked or authorized Finavia to prepare giving up Malmi Airport. Finavia has already on 21 October 2014 made a proposal to City of Helsinki to purchase the State’s properties in Finavia’s control: “In order to make possible the execution of the Cabinet’s decision Finavia proposes, in accordance with the request of its owner, that City of Helsinki purchases Finavia’s properties at Helsinki-Malmi Airport, and the tenure of Helsinki-Malmi’s area is returned to City of Helsinki during 2016.” The request was signed by Finavia’s CEO Kari Savolainen.

Finavia’s extraordinary shareholders’ meeting decided on 14 January 2015 to end Finavia’s operation of Helsinki-Malmi Airport by the end of 2016. A substitutive airfield required by the Cabinet is not yet available. The cessation of air traffic control services with Finavia’s departure will make Malmi Airport of little use to most of the commercial entrepreneurs operating there, violating directly the precondition set by the Cabinet to safeguard civil aviation.

“One of Finavia’s public administrative duties is to keep up and develop the State’s airport network for the needs of civil and military aviation. In this case Finavia thus has a significant public role, which entails a prohibition to endanger basic rights and a duty to ensure legal protection according to the Finnish constitution. These are not upheld in the case of Helsinki-Malmi”, stresses Mr. Timo Hyvönen, Chairman of the Friends of Malmi Airport.

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