Complaint to Parliamentary Ombudsman supplemented

Oct 25, 2016

Last week, Friends of Malmi Airport filed a complaint to the Parliamentary Ombudsman about the decision-making of Finavia and the Ministry of Transport and Communications. As new information has come to light, the complaint has been supplemented as follows:

The Cabinet has defined explicit preconditions for moving the State’s activities away from Malmi Airport. These preconditions have not been met. According to an earlier ruling of the Parliamentary Ombudsman, the public administrative duties of Finavia include

1)  maintaining and developing the State’s airport network for the needs of civilian and military aviation;

2) maintaining and developing the Finnish air navigation service system for the needs of civilian and military aviation in airspace under Finland’s responsibility, as is separately regulated or decreed;

3) duties involving territorial surveillance, readiness and rescue operations, preparedness and supply security.

In addition, the earlier ruling states that aviation legislation and many binding EU regulations must be taken into acccount in Finavia’s and the Ministry of Transport’s actions (Dnro 1634/2/12).

These regulations are of international, national and above-municipal nature, as is Malmi Airport’s significance to Finnish aviation. In addition to the questions posed earlier, a ruling is asked of the Parliamentary Ombudsman about City of Helsinki’s jurisdiction in the matter, i.e. can the City zone an area that has above-mentioned international and national commitments.