Demand for rectification filed against discontinuation of Malmi’s traffic area lease

Dec 18, 2018

In the beginning of December, the Plots unit of City of Helsinki has discontinued the valid-until-further-notice lease of Helsinki-Malmi Airport’s traffic area as of 31 December 2019. The City’s own use has been given as grounds for the discontinuation.

As the City isn’t known to have any aviation or airport activity conforming to the presently valid city plan, Friends of Malmi Airport has filed a demand for rectification against the decision. Discontinuing a lease that is valid until further notice is an exceptional juristic act. The City of Helsinki has estimated housing construction to begin in 2022 at the earliest.

The demand for rectification has been sent to the Registry of City of Helsinki, and will be processed by the Urban Environment Committee. If the demand for rectification is not accepted, the matter will probably be taken to various instances of administrative court before it becomes legal.

A demand for rectification can be filed by those who are the target of the decision or whose right, duty or interest is immediately affected (a party in the matter), and a member of the municipality.

A member of the municipality is:

  1. a person whose place of domicile, as meant in the law on the place of domicile, is the municipality in question (resident of the municipality);
  2. a community, institution and foundation whoce place of domicile is the municipality in question; and
  3. who owns or has control over immovable property in the municipality

The decision of the Plots unit was made on 5 December, so the demand for rectification must be filed no later than 19 December 2018.