European cultural heritage leadership lands at Malmi 15 May 2017

May 10, 2017

The leading European cultural heritage organization Europa Nostra organizes its annual congress and the joint cultural heritage awards ceremony of Europa Nostra and the European Union in Turku 11-15 May 2017. The congress takes place in Finland for the first time as part of Finland’s 100th anniversary festivities.

As the culmination of the annual congress, an aviation-oriented excursion from Turku to Helsinki-Malmi Airport will be made in a historic DC-3 airliner on Monday 15 May 2017. The cultural heritage experts will land at Malmi around 10am.

Europa Nostra and the European Investment Bank Institute selected Helsinki-Malmi Airport as one of the 7 Most Endangered cultural heritage sites in 2016.

The European Commission’s Director for Culture and Creativity Michel Magnier will join the excursion. “I won’t comment on the political debate around this issue. For me this is an excellent opportunity to reach a better understanding of the challenges faced by valuable heritage sites on the national level”, says Mr. Magnier.

Mr. Erik Schultz from Norway, a Council Member of Europa Nostra and a member of Europa Nostra’s Malmi Airport team, will also participate. This being his third visit to Malmi, he is well aware of the situation.

The Chairman of Europa Nostra Finland, Mr. Tapani Mustonen, appreciates the meaning of the visit. “The situation regarding Helsinki-Malmi Airport is worrying. The cultural leadership regards the visit as their duty and regards it an honor to be able to get acquainted with this cultural heritage site of rare value both in Europe and worldwide. Decision-makers from both City of Helsinki and State of Finland have been invited to shed light on the situation.”

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Tapani Mustonen, Europa Nostra Finland
Event coordination: Maria Holmberg