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Malmi Airport is a busy place, and every now and there may be a need to ask questions or give feedback. The fastest way forward is to select the correct recipient from these.

Aviation activities

Did someone fly too low? Did an aircraft make a loud noise? Would you like to know what that beautiful silver-shiny thing was? You can contact Malmi Airfield Association, the operator of Malmi Airport’s aviation activities. See or use the direct email address Up-to-date flight operations for the day can be found at

Spaces and events at the airfield

Helsinki-Malmi Airport and its buildings are administered as a whole by City of Helsinki.  You can ask for additional information about organizing events, renting spaces, leasing land areas and the zoning plan directly from the officials in charge. Their contact information can be found here.

Situation of Malmi Airport

The best way to stay informed about the planning, preservation and development of Malmi Airport is to join the Friends of Malmi Airport Association, After that, you will receive more detailed information by e-mail on a regular basis. The latest turns of events can be found on the website.  If you wish to give general feedback, please contact and we will forward your message to the correct recipient if needed.

Photos: Sampo Kiviniemi