Fifth time: the Parliamentary Ombudsman demands an explanation from City of Helsinki in the Malmi Airport case

Nov 30, 2022

The City of Helsinki has not responded to inquiries about Helsinki-Malmi Airport within the time required by law. Delays have been frequent. The Parliamentary Ombudsman has reprimanded the city of Helsinki for this before in decisions EOAK/6391/2019, EOAK/435/2018, EOAK/1170/2018 and EOAK/1430/2018. You can find previous statements here.

The Ombudsman’s latest decision states as follows:

“Since the negligence of the City of Helsinki has been repeated and would seem to continue, the deputy Ombudsman thought it appropriate to ask the City to submit the report necessary to investigate this complaint and to inform by December 23, 2022 what concrete measures the City has taken to comply with the requirements of the Publicity Act and the Administrative Act.”

The complaint made to the Ombudsman also referred to an event where the City of Helsinki removed without a proper decision the 75th anniversary banner from the round airport terminal lobby. The Ombudsman stated that this in itself was in accordance with the law, but it is also possible to provide additional clarification regarding the banner and the related legal protection. The association will consider the matter separately.

“Based on the report received in the case, the deputy Ombudsman considered that the request [for a decision] did not involve a need for legal protection that would have required the authority’s position to be expressed in the form of a decision. Therefore, the City of Helsinki has not acted unlawfully in responding to your request without making an administrative decision in the matter.”

The Ombudsman’s decision (in Finnish):