FoMA requests Supreme Administrative Court to stop destruction of Helsinki-Malmi Airport’s structures

Sep 1, 2022

The Friends of Malmi Airport Association has applied to the Supreme Administrative Court for leave to appeal against administrative court decision H3966/2022 Malmin lentoaseman ystävät ry. This concerns the protection of the Helsinki-Malmi Airport area under the Building Heritage Act. 

The association demanded earlier that the Uusimaa Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY) stop the earthworks in the area that violate the aforementioned heritage, but it did not do so. At the moment, the essential structures of the field are being destroyed, even though according to the statement of Heritage Finland, the State agency responsible for cultural heritage, they must be preserved. The airport’s original concrete pavement from the 1930s is being demolished under the guise of a gas pipeline project that was decided earlier.

The concrete slabs poured on-site in 1939 and the extensive drainage system below them are essential structures of the airport. This action threatens to nullify the purpose of the association’s protection proposal before its legal process is completed.

The association demands an action ban and asks the Supreme Administrative Court to stop the works. There is a reason to arrange an on-site viewing or inspection in order to clarify the matter.

Attachments: photos of the site today (times in UTC, Finnish time minus 3 hours).