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On Saturday, 23 March 2002, 134 people convened at Malmi Airport with just one thing in mind: Malmi Airport must be preserved at its present location. The Friends of Malmi Airport Association was founded and the real work began: the decision-makers must be made to understand what e.g. a member of the Association, former Mayor of Helsinki Raimo Ilaskivi has pointed out: Malmi Airport cannot be moved, at most it can be destroyed.

If the plans to build a new suburb on Malmi Airport were realized, no “compensatory” airfield would ever functionally fulfill the task of Malmi Airport, and our capital would lose forever its only aerodrome and a priceless cultural treasure.

The purpose of our Association is to preserve the operation of Malmi Airport at its present location and to further develop and support the Airport’s operational preconditions. The Association supports the Airport by, e.g., organizing Open Doors Days at Malmi Airport. In the last years, these popular events have gathered tens of thousands of visitors at a time.