The name of the Association is Friends of Malmi Airport. Its headquarters are in Helsinki.

The purpose of the Association is to maintain the operations of Malmi Airport in its current location and to develop, promote and support the operations of the airport. The Association’s aim is also to nurture and protect the diverse nature and built cultural sites and environments at Malmi as well as their character and special features, and to promote their sustainable management and use. In addition, the purpose of the association is to document, store and transmit information related to the intangible and tangible cultural heritage of the area. The Association does not have the purpose of making profit or achieving financial gain for its members.

To fulfill its goals the Association can

  • organize cultural events, debates and educational occasions and other events promoting the activities of the Airport
  • engage in research, dispensing information, and publication work
  • present initiatives to various officials
  • cooperate with other related organizations and officials.

To finance its activities the Association may accept donations and inheritances and own properties necessary for its operation. The Association may also arrange with due permit, e.g., lotteries, fundraisers, bazaars and entertainment events. The Association may acquire membership of domestic and foreign organizations with the same or similar aims.

The Members

The membership of the Association consists of proper (private, community, and corporate) members, honorary members and supporting members. All natural or judicial persons who wish to promote the aims of the Association and are accepted by the Board can join as proper members or supporting members. Invitations to honorary membership are decided by the Association’s general meeting following a motion from the Board. Proper members and supporting members must pay a joining fee and an annual membership fee. The sums of the membership fees are decided by the autumn general meeting. Joining fees and membership fees are not collected from honorary members. A member can be excluded from the Association by the Board’s decision, if he/she regardless of the Board’s exhortation does not perform the tasks belonging to him/her by the rules, or if he/she acts against the aims of the Association.

A person who has promoted the aims of the Association in a distinguished manner may be invited to honorary membership of the Association if at least 3/4 of the votes cast in the general meeting are in favor of the motion to award honorary membership.

All proper members of the Association have an equal vote. Supporting members have no vote.

General meetings

In the spring meeting, held in February or March, at least the following matters will be dealt with:

  • report of activities;
  • balance sheet and statement of accounts;
  • statement of the auditors;
  • a decision on acceptance of the balance sheet and release from liability to the responsible persons.

In the autumn meeting, held in October or November, at least the following matters will be dealt with:

  • the plan of action and the budget;
  • election of Chairman and other members of the Board;
  • election of two (2) auditors and their deputies;
  • sums of the membership fee and the joining fee.

An extra general meeting will be arranged if the Board of the Association so decides. The Board is to consider this if at least one tenth (1/10) of the members eligible to vote or at least ten (10) members eligible to vote demand it from the Board for a specified reason in writing.

The time, place and agenda of a general meeting must be announced on the bulletin board of Malmi Airport at least seven (7) days before the meeting is to take place.

A quorum in a general meeting exists if the meeting has been assembled according to the rules.

Decisions are made by simple majority of votes unless the rules explicitly state otherwise. In a tied vote the opinion of the chairman of the meeting is decisive, except in elections where lots must be drawn. Voting by proxy is not allowed.

The minutes of a general meeting must be inspected within four (4) weeks after the meeting is adjourned. After this, the minutes will be available to the public on the bulletin board of Malmi Airport.

The Board

The Association is taken care of and represented by the Board, whose membership is annually completed based on turns to resign. The term of office for members of the Board is two years. The Chairman’s term of office is one year. Half of the members of the Board are always in turn to resign. The tasks of the Board are:

  • implementing the decisions of the Association and leading its activities;
  • preparation and presentation of matters to be dealt with in the Association’s general meetings;
  • supervision of the Association’s economy;
  • preparation of proposals for the Association’s budget and plan of action;
  • making decisions about the representation of the Association;
  • supervising the work of committees and functionaries;
  • confirming the plans of action and action reports of the committees;
  • preparing the Association’s report of activities and statement of accounts.

The Board consists of the Chairman and six (6) to twelve (12) members. The Board elects from its members:

  • a Vice Chairman, who takes care of the Chairman’s duties in his/her absence;
  • a Secretary, who writes down the minutes of the Association’s general meetings and the Board meetings, takes care of invitations to meetings and other information to members as well as the Association’s correspondence and archives;
  • a Treasurer, who takes care of the funds of the Association and the balancing of the accounts and is responsible for maintaining the list of members.

A quorum exists in a Board meeting if all the members of the Board have been informed of the meeting in a way agreed upon in the first Board meeting, and at least the Chairman or Vice Chairman and including him/her at least half of the Board is present. Decisions are made by simple majority. In a tied vote the Chairman’s view is decisive, except in elections where lots must be drawn.

Should the need arise, the Board of the Association can appoint functionaries or committees. The Board can also appoint tasks to Association members.

Administration and finances

The term of activity and financial year of the Association is the calendar year.

Functionaries are elected for one term at a time unless the task is related to completing or fulfilling a specific plan, in which case a different term may be decided upon at the election.

For a specific reason the Board can relieve a functionary from his/her duties during the term. The Board must then elect a new functionary for the remainder of the term.

The Board or a member of the Board can be excluded by the Association’s general meeting. The exclusion must be mentioned in the invitation to the meeting.

The economy of the Association is monitored by the auditors, to whom the treasurer must deliver the accounts no later than three (3) weeks before the annual meeting and also upon request.

Specific instructions

The name of the Association is signed by the Chairman alone or two (2) members of the Board together. The Board can entitle a member of the Board or a functionary of the Association to sign the name of the Association alone.

The decision to abolish the Association or to change its rules can be made in the Association’s general meeting with at least a 3/4 majority of votes. The motion to abolish the Association or change its rules must be mentioned in the invitation to the meeting. If the Association should dissolve or be abolished, its remaining funds must be turned over to a body, selected by the general meeting, that has the same or a similar aim as the Association.