Helsinki-Malmi Airport is blue and white on Independence Day

Dec 6, 2017

Press release 6 December 2017
Friends of Malmi Airport
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To honor Finland’s 100th Anniversary, Helsinki-Malmi Airport is lit in blue and white on Wednesday 6 December 2017.

Helsinki-Malmi Airport is of great significance in the 100-year history of Finland. During WWII, it was an important air base for the protection of Helsinki and a transit airport supporting forces elsewhere in Finland. Without Helsinki-Malmi, the capital would have faced a grim fate. After the war, the majority of Finnish pilots in commercial and general aviation have been trained at Malmi Airport.

Next spring, 80 years will have passed since the inauguration of the airport. It was inaugurated by Prime Minister A.K. Cajander, representing President Kyösti Kallio, in a festive opening ceremony attended by almost 30.000 guests and members of the public. Helsinki-Malmi was for a long time the main airport in Finland, and is still its busiest center of pilot training and general aviation.

The fate of the airport is at present uncertain. The leaders of City of Helsinki have been planning a suburb of 10.000 people to take its place, and the additional housing construction for 15.000 people in the surrounding area is constantly thrown in when talking about the airport.

In spite of the threat, aviation activities continue with vigor. Malmi continues to be Finland’s second-busiest airport by operations. By September, 26.383 operations have already been flown from Malmi in 2017 (source: Trafi).

The aviation entrepreneurs and pilot schools face a difficult situation because of the threat of closure. Much hope is placed in the Lex Malmi law initiative and the protection application currently in process in Uusimaa Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment.

The Airport Chief, Ms. Gun Gustavsson, has confidence in the future.

“Especially now, on Independence Day, the support of the people feels good. The law initiative was seconded by 56.067 citizens in just a couple of months, giving a strong signal of the significance of Helsinki-Malmi. An active team continues to defend the airport in the spirit of the Winter War.”

Friends of Malmi Airport (FoMA) has as an association fought for keeping the airport for more than 15 years. It is not just a question of aviation activity, but also of history and culture.

The Chairman of FoMa, Mr. Timo Hyvönen, emphasizes the national significance of Malmi Airport on Finland’s 100th Anniversary.

“Helsinki-Malmi Airport is a part of being Finnish, our national self-esteem and culture of national significance. This significance has not dimished, instead it is increasing due to the growth of air traffic. Now, on Finland’s 100th Anniversary, I wish to remind everyone of Helsinki-Malmi’s significance to our independence and to all of Finland. It is a question of aviation, accessibility, and the cultural value of the airport as a whole.”

The festive lighting in honor of Finland’s 100th Anniversary at Helsinki-Malmi Airport is lit on 6 December 2017 after 2pm, and will be at its peak between 5pm and 6pm.

More information:

Friends of Malmi Airport
Chairman Timo Hyvönen
Tel.  +358 50 374 8371

The images are free for publication in the context of Finland 100 news. Helsinki-Malmi Fly-In is a part of the official programme of the Finland 100 anniversary year.

Image below: SA-kuva

German fighters being warmed up. Type: Messerschmitt 109.
Helsinki, Malmi Airport 28 February 1944.

Image below: Maria-Pelagea Keurulainen

Image below: Samuli Kallio