Helsinki-Malmi Fly-In opens the chain of Finland 100 aviation events

May 27, 2017

The traditional Helsinki-Malmi Fly-In is organized this weekend as part of the programme of Finland’s 100th anniversary year. The event exhibits the decisive role of the airport in keeping Finland’s independence, the possibilities of future aviation, and Finnish aviation activities in general.

Helsinki-Malmi is a busy international airport

At the turn of the year, the State-owned airport operator Finavia ended its operations at Helsinki-Malmi. The operative responsibility was taken over by the newly founded Malmi Airfield Association.

“Malmi Airport has at times had even more operations than last year. The change into an uncontrolled airfield has taken place in good cooperation with the officials, and thanks to that it’s been possible to keep the high level of safety unchanged.  The Fly-In offers all citizens an excellent opportunity to see aircraft, aviation activities and aviators”, says the Chairman of Malmi Airfield Association, Mr. Niko Lamberg.

Lex Malmi, application for protection and electric aviation

Chairman of Friends of Malmi Airport, Mr. Timo Hyvönen tells about the airport’s situation:

“Helsinki-Malmi Airport will be a major topic of discussion and decision-making in the next few years. Continuing the aviation activities beyond the present deadline of 2019 is looked into and negotiated actively.”

Hyvönen refers to opinion polls, the municipal initiative and the citizens’ law initiative.

“The citizens have time after time shown their will to keep Malmi Airport in aviation use, and Lex Malmi will be processed this year. There are several good alternative models for developing the area keeping the aviation activities. The capital region needs more than one airport also in the future, as aviation develops towards the electric and towards flexible, light solutions. Aviation is changing now.”

An event for the whole family

Helsinki-Malmi Fly-In main event day is on Saturay 27 May 2017. Tens of visiting aircraft are coming to Helsinki-Malmi, the furthest from the Czech Republic and Latvia.

The event is for the whole family. The airport restaurant is open on Saturday from 10am to 6pm and on Sunday from 10am to 4pm. The public can also purchase airplane and helicopter flights at the airport.

Helsinki-Malmi Fly-In opens the Finland 100 aviation events

The aviation programme of the Finland 100 Anniversary year encompass also the Kaivopuisto Airshow 2017 , partially operated from Helsinki-Malmi Airport,  and the main airshow of the Finnish Aeronautical Association,  Seinäjoki international airshow 10-11 June 2017.

More information about Helsinki-Malmi Airport is at and in this brochure.


Timo Hyvönen, tel. +358 50 3748371
Friends of Malmi Airport

Programme on Saturday 27 May

07.00 Airport opens (G airspace under 700ft)
10.00 The event opens, introduction of the day’s programme in the terminal.
10.00-18.00 Flights for the public by helicopter and airplane. Guided tours of the airport. DC-3 member flights, see for timetables. Restaurant and terrace open, general hustle and bustle, aviation displays.
10-18 Gate1 restaurant open, lunch 11am-2pm, café
11.00 EFHF Airfield Association, Ville Repo
12.00 Opening address
12.15 Public lecture: Helsinki-Malmi Airport in the 100 years of Finnish history
13.00 Aviation presentation: Future of aviation – Drone current and future applications in industries, Patrick Halford (IBM)
13.30 Public lecture: Finland 100 Airshow, Aviation Museum, Markku Kyyrönen.
14.00 Aviation presentation: DC-3 and its operation –  Pentti Niemi
14.30 Public lecture: Activities of the Finnish Aeronautical Association – Juha Silvennoinen
15.00 Public lecture: Electric aviation in the future – Juuso Parviainen, Janne Vasama
15.30 Public lecture: Pilot training, Aeropole
16.00 Aviation lecture: Trafi, DTO, Ultralight weights, EASA-GA, other current topics – Jani Hottola
18.00 Gate 1 closes
19.00 Aviators’ evening party – Kila room, Apron 2

The complete programme is at