HS 14 May 2015: “Helsinki” sign returns to Malmi Airport

May 14, 2015
The 6-meter-tall and 64-meter-wide HELSINKI sign between Malmi’s runways guided pilots from the late 1930’s until the early 1950’s, but was eventually buried under topsoil over the decades. Now the only airport inside Helsinki city limits, historic Helsinki-Malmi, once again announces its name to the sky. Photo: Pauliina Hakulinen

An idea conceived by Klaus Wesa from Puistola, the undertaking to restore the original “Helsinki” sign to the surface of Malmi Airport has begun after two years of preparations.

Around 10pm on Wednesday, after the airport’s activity had quieted down, a backhoe started removing surface earth that had accumulated on top of the text from 1937 over the decades.

The volunteer crew of four received the 39 tonnes of crushed limestone required for proper restoration as a donation from the Nordkalk company. The crush arrived to Malmi from Tytyri mine in Lohja around 8:30am on Wednesday.

The surface area of the letters is 100 meters square (1076 sq ft). The restoration of the sign celebrates the 77th anniversary of Malmi Airport on 15 May.

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