HU 7 Sep 2023: Excavator sank into the ground at Malmi Airport

Helsingin Uutiset 7 September 2023: an excavator digging up experimental stabilizing pillars for analysis at Malmi Airport sank deep into the clay soil on Tuesday 5 September 2023. Read the whole story (in Finnish) »

The abysmal quality of Malmi Airport’s deep, loose and sulphide-rich silt clay soil and the astronomical costs of stabilization have been known since the 1930s, when the area was designated as an airport precisely because it was deemed never possible to build a decent settlement there. The problems caused by the same reason in the residential area of Fallkulla, built in the 21st century next to the airport, started to appear just a few years after the construction was completed.

The buildability of the airport area has been investigated several times also in the last 20 years (see below, in Finnish), but the results have not turned the City of Helsinki’s head.