Legislative initiative in Parliament on annexing Malmi Airport, its meadows and surroundings to Sipoonkorpi National Park, 19 October 2021

Seppo SipiläNews archive

On Tuesday, 19 October 2021, the Finnish Parliament will consider a bill to connect the Malmi Airport area to Sipoonkorpi National Park. In practice, the bill changes the demarcation of Sipoonkorpi National Park.  

The demarcation would be changed so that the so-called area of ​​Malmi Airport, its endangered meadows and surrounding forest areas, as well as the catchment area of Longinoja (169 hectares) would be annexed to the National Park.

The law is intended to enter into force as soon as possible. The bill is very thoroughly justified, and has been signed by 56 MPs out of 200. 

The bill can be read (in Finnish) on the Parliament’s website – https://www.eduskunta.fi/FI/vaski/Lakialoite/Sivut/LA_22+2021.aspx