Ministry of the Environment rejects complaints that supported Malmi Airport’s protection proposal – appeal being prepared

Mar 10, 2021

In 2015, the Friends of Malmi Airport Association filed a proposal for the protection of Malmi Airport as a whole. The association’s appeal against the ELY Centre’s decision to reject the proposal has most recently been pending in the Ministry of the Environment, who has now made its decision against the association.

The Friends of Malmi Airport Association is preparing an appeal as soon as the entire decision has been officially communicated to the association. According to the information presented to the public so far, the decision of the Ministry of the Environment is justified at length, and it will be carefully examined.

In particular, the appeal will examine the grounds for the legality of the decision: FoMA’s appeal against ELY’s decision was based on points of law. The grounds for the Ministry’s decision must be examined from the point of view of Finnish case law and Finnish laws in Administrative Court. The case is likely to go to the Supreme Administrative Court.

Ministry of the Environment’s bulletin about its decision (in Finnish)

The complaint that the Ministry’s decision concerns (in Finnish)

Original proposal to protect Malmi Airport