Nobel Peace Laureate as guest to mission aviation pilots at Malmi Airport

Oct 28, 2019

Pilots of Mission Aviation Finland (MAF) saved the life of Dr. Denis Mukwege in the 1990s. Since then, as a doctor, he has saved countless women ravaged by the cruelties of war – raped, mutilated, broken and shamed – and received the Nobel Peace Prize last year.

The mission pilots had invited Dr. Mukwege to their home base at Malmi Airport. There they presented him with a sum of $10.000 to support the aid work. At the occasion, chairman Janne Ropponen also highlighted Malmi’s significance as the training and home base of mission pilots.

MAF’s new Cessna Caravan flew Dr. Mukwege to Malmi from Örebro, Sweden, and continued its journey via Denmark and Germany to fly humanitarian aid in Sudan. More information about the aircraft (in Finnish) can be found here.

More information (in Finnish) and pictures of the visit