Parliament’s Lex Malmi statement is upheld

Dec 4, 2019

Responsibility for continuing aviation activities of Malmi falls on the new cabinet

On 3 December 2019, the Audit Committee of Parliament adopted its report on the Government’s Annual Report 2018. In its report, the Committee confirmed the decision of the Committee on Transport and Communications to uphold the Parliament’s Lex Malmi statement.

The government had suggested that the funding allocated for the refurbishment of some airfields in southern Finland in 2018 would have met the requirements of the statement. The committees rightly state that these measures do not, however, guarantee the continuation of general aviation in the Helsinki region.

Timo Hyvönen, Chairman of the Friends of Malmi Airport Association, urges the new cabinet to take action as soon as it is appointed.

“The government is in a difficult situation, but the situation of general aviation in Finland and the Helsinki Metropolitan Area is critical. The City of Helsinki is threatening to enforce the termination of the lease of Malmi Airport, even though it has no legal force due to pending legal proceedings. The government must without delay agree on the extension of Malmi’s operations. It is the responsibility of the Minister of Transport and Communications.”

Speaker of the Parliament, Mr. Matti Vanhanen, describes the State’s perspective on Finland’s airport network.

“This network needs an aerodrome in or near Helsinki too. Otherwise, the network will be incomplete. Needless to say, Malmi’s fate is saddening both from the point of view of cultural history and especially because we are limiting the development possibilities of aviation so much.”

Vanhanen spoke on the matter at the 100th Anniversary celebration of the Finnish Aeronautical Association on Saturday 30 November 2019.

Helsinki-Malmi Airport remains Finland’s second busiest airport with almost 40.000 annual operations. The airfield is home to more than 100 aircraft. More than 56.000 Finns signed the Lex Malmi Citizens’ Initiative within a couple of months.

The pending municipal initiative 6466 for a municipal referendum on Malmi’s aviation use is by far Finland’s largest with nearly 24.000 supporters by now. The biggest political parties in Helsinki City Council have announced that they will reject the initiative if it is brought before the Council.

A prohibition of endangerment is in effect in the airport area due to a protection proposal made under the Building Heritage Act. The proposal is being considered by the Ministry of the Environment.

Parliament’s statement on Lex Malmi (in Finnish): – “The Parliament requires the Council of State to take action to ensure compensatory airfield services so that the aviation activities of Malmi Airport can continue within good accessibility and reasonable distance.”

Report of the Committee on Transport and Communications (in Finnish):…/Lausunto/Sivut/LiVL_3+2019.aspx

Report of the Audit Committee of Parliament (in Finnish):

Speaker of Parliament Matti Vanhanen’s speech 30 November 2019 (in Finnish):