Prohibition of endangerment being violated at Malmi Airport

Jun 15, 2021 #heritage

At Malmi Airport, the original concrete slab runways from the very beginning of the Airport’s history are being destroyed. They are a remarkable and rare preserved part of the cultural heritage site that has been proposed for preservation based on the Built Heritage Act in October 2015. The whole area is listed as a Built Cultural Environment of National Significance.

The process of the preservation application is still ongoing, and a prohibition of endangerment decreed by the ELY Centre of Uusimaa is in effect in the whole airport area. The ongoing blatant violation has been reported to the ELY Centre and the Police.

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Update 16 June 2021: Demolition of the original concrete surface installed in the 1930s has been suspended and the machines taken away. The damaged area is about 10 m2 in size. According to the excavator driver, water immediately started to rise into the pit he dug. The City of Helsinki has tweeted: “The City has looked into the construction measures: they were related to the repair of the emergency department’s emergency route. The work has been suspended. The City regrets the human error and damage. More information about the actions to follow will be given later.”