Request for clarification sent to City of Helsinki on allegations of illegal flight activities

Aug 7, 2020

Request for information on statements made by City of Helsinki officials, 7 August 2020

We ask for more information on the following:

1. Mr. Mikko Aho, Branch Director for Helsinki’s Urban Environment, has repeatedly stated in public that flying at Malmi Airport is illegal and unauthorized. The matter is serious: after all, a number of people are alleged to be offenders of the law. An exact quote from “Helsingin Uutiset” newspaper on March 11, 2020:

“The city’s position is clear. The lease expired at the turn of the year and flying should have ended. Continued flying is illegal and unauthorized, Aho continues. ”

Team manager, Mrs. Kaisa Jama has also commented on the matter: “The situation is that the Association uses the area without permission” (Helsingin Uutiset 6 August)

According to project manager, Mr. Kimmo Kuisma (22 November 2019), “the condition to the Airport Association for operating an unsupervised aerodrome is the landowner’s permission, i.e. a land lease agreement.” 

The lease is still valid. The airport has a normal, valid aerodrome operating permit from Traficom.

Inquiry 1:

  • What laws mentioned by Aho may be violated in this case?
  • On what documents and decisions is the statement of the city’s position based? We request to see these documents.
  • On what grounds would flying on the ground be unauthorized?

2. Kaisa Jama also states about the combination of other activities and aviation: “These issues cannot be reconciled. The city cannot take the risk of an accident.” But due to the weather, it would have been impossible to implement the intended other activities last winter.

Inquiry 2:

  • What is the risk assessment of the combination of physical exercise and flight operations, and what is the risk of accidents identified in it? We request to see the related documents (Jama) 

Inquiry 3:

  • How does the city intend to establish the legality of the actions of its officials, institutions, employees and partners in the light of these manifestly erroneous public statements in order to ensure the truthful communication and the appropriate treatment of the citizens?
  • By whose decision and for what purpose does the city use the term “former airport” in its communication about Helsinki-Malmi Airport? 

The municipality must treat its members equally.