Statements about protection are being collected

Oct 16, 2017

The Friends of Malmi Airport have filed an application with the Uusimaa Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centre) about protecting the airport area as a whole. The suggested area is the whole area defined as Built Cultural Environment of National Significance (RKY) by the National Board of Antiquities, about 138 hectares. The description of the area and a map can be found at the RKY website.

The ELY Centre has requested statements about protection from those concerned. According to the law, these are the owners and possessors of property and neighbors of the area. The majority of those concerned are missing from the distribution list of the request.

We urge those concerned to make a statement to the ELY Centre about protecting the area. We hope that your statement will be favorable to protection.

Protecting the area would mean keeping it as an open natural vista in northeastern Helsinki, and hopefully in aviation use also in the future. Protection cannot guarantee the continuation of aviation, but can improve its chances. Protection will not stop or hamper the activities in the surrounding areas – industry, commerce and residency can go on in the neighborhood.

The deadline for statements is on 30 October 2017, and an extension to the deadline can be requested from the ELY Centre.

ELY Centre’s request for statements (in Finnish)

National Board of Antiquities’ statement on the matter (in Finnish)

Application for protection with new attachments (in Finnish)