Stockholm-Bromma Airport will not be closed – Swedish government prepares for electric aviation

Mar 6, 2023

The future of Bromma Airport in Stockholm, Sweden, has been discussed several times, and it has become a political point of contention. A large number of decision-makers in the city of Stockholm would like to close the airport and use it for residential construction.

On Monday afternoon, February 20, 2023, Swedish Infrastructure Minister Andreas Carlson visited Bromma and announced that the government will not promote the closing of the airport during its term of office. Investigations related to the matter will be discontinued. Bromma Airport’s current land lease is valid until 2038.

– We see that in the future, Bromma Airport can be the center of a very fast-moving green aviation transition. Therefore, it would be downright absurd to close down Bromma prematurely, Mr. Carlson stated.

In Finland, the existence of the capital’s nationally important transport infrastructure for future aviation needs is hanging by a thread. With Helsinki-Malmi airport temporarily closed by the City’s eviction procedures, the region of Helsinki is currently the only capital region in Europe that does not have any international runway capacity to serve lighter air traffic on a free schedule.

SVT: Bromma flygplats läggs inte ner – regeringen vill ställa om till elflyg (in Swedish)