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The activities of the airport can be comfortably viewed through the windows of restaurant Check-In. Aircraft can be easily viewed also from the northern terrace of the main building and by the apron fence.


A walkway encircles the airport, offering many good spots for aircraft-spotting. Nearest to the main building is the hill at the southern edge of the airport, offering a view of the whole airport. There is an open vista to the airport from the end of each runway. In addition, on the east side of the airport there is a hill that offers a nice view of the activities.


Good spots are the hill at the southern end of the airport (right) and the end of the runway on the east side, although there the noise from Lahti freeway may be disturbing. The old runway extending away in the picture is now a taxiway, and at its northeastern end on the left is a rest area of the walkway, offering a fine view of the airport.