The Malmi Airfield Association has proposed a settlement to the City of Helsinki

Seppo SipiläFor the press, News archive

Malmi Airfield Association EFHF ry, which operated Malmi Airport, has sent a settlement proposal to the City of Helsinki on February 23, 2022. The City of Helsinki has not yet responded to the proposal, but the association’s hopes for a settlement are high.

The association proposes that it withdraws its appeal to the Court of Appeal and the matter remains as it is. The association is committed to promoting the operation of electric and renewable fuel-powered aircraft and is a flexible and solution-oriented partner for the City of Helsinki. The association has promised to record in its action plan the possibility of housing production alongside flight operations.

In return, the association proposes that the City of Helsinki cancels the association’s eviction and returns control of the area back to the Airport Association. In addition, the city must state that the former rental agreement is valid from the date onwards, and the city waives its claims for damages.

The association proposes that the city and the association immediately start joint workshops and discussions on how to continue air operations for as long as possible, in harmony and taking into account the interests of urban development. The association wants to rent Airplane Hangar 1 for the storage and maintenance of airplanes for the time that flight operations continue.

As a result of the settlement, the city of Helsinki will avoid damage to its reputation and appear dynamic and solution-oriented. The passive land mass of the airport area will immediately be put to active and productive use, and the aviation industries and education will get a new broad platform. The significant nature values ​​and biodiversity of the field area remain intact.

As a result of the settlement, court and Supreme Court processes are avoided, Helsinki lives up to its slogan as the world’s most functional city, and the airport area’s versatile, dynamic operations that serve the citizens of the city are made possible.

The City of Helsinki has observed in connection with the Kivikko heliport that the aviation sector has considerable development potential. The fleet develops, becomes quieter and more affordable. Electric-powered short-distance aircraft capable of vertical takeoff and landing have gathered a lot of investor capital. Helsinki Citycopter is the Uusimaa Company of the Year 2022. The city has received numerous contacts from operators both about the helicopter base and about landing sites. The settlement proposal makes it possible to develop the future scenarios of the aviation industry in an urban environment.

Malmi Airfield Association

The City of Helsinki’s assessment of the future of aviation (Kivikko helicopter field, §251 / Case 10, in Finnish)