EFHF – the School of Professional Pilots (subtitles in English) © Ari Katajamäki

Announcement of Europe’s 7 Most Endangered Sites 2016 © Europa Nostra

Save Malmi Airport © Lumi Films

Fight – for Malmi Airport (subtitles in English) © Hiski Hämäläinen

Capital region building land review, May 2015 (subtitles in English) © Pekka Kaipainen

Greetings from overseas: Breezer Aircraft GmbH at Malmi Airport, June 2015
© Sirpa Rikkinen & Maria-Pelagia Keurulainen

© Sampo Kiviniemi

Malmi Airport – Summer Time © Sampo Kiviniemi

Malmi Airport – Night Time © Sampo Kiviniemi

A look at the “shortage” of building land in Helsinki region © Kai R. Lehtonen

Welcome to Helsinki and EFHF © Kai R. Lehtonen

Air Show at Helsinki-Malmi City Airport, 9 May 1988 © Kai R. Lehtonen

A Happy Flight Malmi-Tampere-Malmi © Kai R. Lehtonen

Flights on vintage Ju-52 and DC-3 airliners © Kai R. Lehtonen

Flight ops at Malmi 1968-1969 (in Finnish) © Kai R. Lehtonen