FoMA appeals to Supreme Administrative Court regarding the site plans of Malmi Airport area

Seppo SipiläNews archive

An appeal permit has been applied for from the Supreme Administrative Court regarding the site plans of Nallenrinne and Lentoasemankorttelit proposed for the Malmi airport area. Friends of Malmi Airport Association (FoMA) has noticed several flaws in the decisions of the administrative court, which they want to bring to a more detailed investigation.

The Administrative Court of Helsinki has insufficiently investigated the effects of zoning on the living areas of the flying squirrel, and the decisions of the Helsinki Administrative Court are in conflict with the ruling practice of the Supreme Administrative Court.

In matters concerning cultural heritage, the administrative court has referred to decisions that have no legal force. The City of Helsinki has referred to these decisions in a partially misleading way, leaving important issues unmentioned. In addition, in several points of the administrative court’s decision, it has remained unclear what legal reasoning the decision is based on. The area’s protection proposal is still under consideration in the administrative court, so it is not possible to adequately consider Built Cultural Environment of National Significance (RKY) values ​​in the site plan.

The association expects the processing of the appeal permit to begin later this year and the court hearing next year, if the appeal permit application is approved.

The purpose of the Association is to maintain the operations of Malmi Airport in its current location and to develop, promote and support the operations of the airport. The Association’s aim is also to nurture and protect the diverse nature and built cultural sites and environments at Malmi as well as their character and special features, and to promote their sustainable management and use. In addition, the purpose of the association is to document, store and transmit information related to the intangible and tangible cultural heritage of the area.

FoMA’s appeal permit application (in Finnish):