FoMA is allowed to appeal ruling on General Plan – matter of Malmi Airport once again to Supreme Administrative Court

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The Supreme Administrative Court has approved Friends of Malmi Airport’s request to be allowed to appeal Helsinki Administrative Court’s ruling in the matter of City of Helsinki’s General Plan.

FoMA justified its request by several erroneous interpretations of administrative law and the principle of equality. Helsinki Administrative Court, e.g., stated that aviation activities at Malmi had ended, even though the airport is still in active use. Administrative law had also been interpreted in a contradictory manner, with the same arguments leading to opposite conclusions in different areas affected by the General Plan: for example, in the areas of Vartiosaari and Malmi Airport, the significance of these areas’ status as Built Cultural Environments of National Significance (RKY) was given exactly opposite interpretations.

Friends of Malmi Airport is now hoping for good cooperation with the City of Helsinki to keep Malmi Airport as a functioning airport while court proceedings and the planning of the Airport’s future are underway. An application for the protection of  Malmi Airport is also in process, and has led to a prohibition of endangering the airport as a whole.

The chairman of FoMA, Mr. Timo Hyvönen, is worried but hopeful about the airport’s situation.

“The attitude towards the airport and airport operations seems to have clearly changed in a positive direction with the emerging electric aviation. The great change that is taking place in aviation has been introduced into the debate, and can open up new opportunities for Helsinki as well. This and the internationally recognized significant cultural value of the airport can now be evaluated in peace. ”

Hyvönen hopes for continued good cooperation with the City of Helsinki.

“Last weekend at the 80th Anniversary celebrations of the airport, we heard positive greetings from the Parliament and the city. The film presented by the City of Helsinki is a masterpiece in which the intangible cultural heritage of the airport is very well presented. ”

He especially congratulates City of Helsinki’s line organization for good cooperation.

“Our work with the new administrative organization has begun well after the initial hiccups. This decision will provide the means of long-term cooperation and assessment of the situation in peace. Let’s also remember that repeated opinion polls show that the majority of the people of Helsinki want the airport to remain, as it is one of our national monuments. Co-operation is now taking place in a very positive atmosphere, hopefully this will also begin to reach politicians. ”

The implementation of the General Plan is now at a halt until it possibly becomes final. The Supreme Administrative Court states that any implementing measures that would lead to the appeal to become void are directly prohibited by law.

There are several local plans in effect in the area of Malmi Airport since 1964. In these plans, the area is marked as an airport. The General Plan from 1992 is also in effect, with the airport marked as a traffic area. The Supreme Administrative Court rejected Helsinki’s General Plan 2002 regarding  Malmi Airport in 2006. In the lawful regional land-use plan, the airport has the status of traffic area.


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