Helsinki-Malmi Airport is important for Helsinki’s security of supply in an emergency

Mar 20, 2020

Friends of Malmi Airport (FoMA) would like to remind the Air Force, Land Forces, Border Guard, FinnHEMS, Laakso and Malmi Hospitals, Helsinki University Central Hospital and the City of Helsinki that Helsinki-Malmi Airport is a viable alternative for flights related to the security of supply of the City of Helsinki. These include, for example, ambulance flights, evacuation flights and other emergency official flights. 

Other similar operators can also use Helsinki-Malmi Airport under normal boundary conditions. Helsinki-Malmi Airport is an official point of entry airport, so the necessary international flights can also be made. Operating instructions can be found on the airport operator’s website at and the daily flight schedules at 

At Helsinki-Malmi Airport, e.g., ambulance flights can be arranged with the airport operator, Malmi Airfield Association. Usually, flights from the airport apron are possible without passing through the terminal building or other public facilities. This minimizes the chance of possible virus infections. Malmi Hospital is a 5-minute drive from the airport. 

The facilities at Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport are intended for heavy scheduled traffic and there is currently a strict restriction on unscheduled VFR traffic. Malmi Airport can operate without schedule or other restrictions, within the framework of normal flight rules and agreed operational methods. 

Usually, operating from Helsinki-Malmi Airport requires the prior permission of the airport operator, and operations are only possible between 07-22. Advance notice can be filed at In general, the hours of operation do not apply to official flights. Malmi Airfield Association (EFHF ry) is responsible for the operation of Malmi Airport, so detailed practices must be agreed upon with it. 

Friends of Malmi Airport Association urges all parties concerned to ensure the operation of Helsinki-Malmi Airport also during this exceptional situation.

Link: Security of supply preparedness exercise at Malmi