The City’s response to the clarification request concerning its public allegations

Aug 19, 2020

City of Helsinki has answered Friends of Malmi Airport Association’s questions about the public allegations made by City officials that flight operations at Helsinki-Malmi Airport are illegal.

According to the city, the Law of Tenancy is being violated. The City correctly states that the right of use is based on a land lease agreement. Malmi Airfield Association has a valid land lease agreement for the area, and its termination will be considered in District Court in the coming years.

It has also been suggested to the public that it is not possible to combine aviation and other activities at Malmi Airport because of the risks. However, according to the City, no risk assessment has been made.

When asked where or by whom the decision to use the term “former airport” in communication was made, the City did not give an answer this time nor in the past.

City’s response attached (in Finnish):

Reply to information request_18082020_HEL2020-009254